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Lock-Block™ units

For over 25 years, Lock-Block Ltd. has been revolutionizing the retaining wall industry. Our Lock-Block™ units are well suited for any retaining wall project. There are many shapes to construct a functional and aesthetically pleasing wall. Please visit our product page to see the wide variety of Lock-Block™ units available for your project.

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The Arch-lock™ system is a completely different way to construct arches. Overpasses, tunnels, storage sheds, and dozens of other structures can be created in a very short period of time using our zipper truck system. With it, 1.5m of arch can be constructed every 5 minutes! Arches can also be constructed using a counterweight system that doesn't require one to set foot underneath the arch during construction, meaning the arch can be used to cross sensitive waterways or just thin air.

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MOT Road Barriers

Lock-Block Ltd. produces a complete line of B.C. Ministry of Transport and Highways (MOTH) highway barrier and accessory shapes. These 690mm high roadside barrier and 810mm high median barriers are 2.5 Meters long and are interlocked together end to end with projecting hooks and recessed eyes.

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Lock-Block Ltd. annually processes 150,000 tonnes of concrete rubble from construction sites into high-quality aggregates suitable for making fresh concrete. That's thousands of tonnes diverted annually from landfill sites, and made into usable products that we sell under the Green-Stone™ brand.

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Rod-Lock™ is a composite system of galvanized steel rods, locking anchors and solid, post tensioned concrete units made with the proprietary interlocking system developed exclusively by Lock-Block Ltd. Steel rods are threaded through the keys and locked in place with anchors at every level. Rods can also be extended into the ground or concrete base and grouted into place to ensure maximum stability, while positive connections between each concrete base increase lateral rigidity of the overall wall..

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