Recycled aggregate: The time is now

Arch Lock system

Lock-Block Ltd. annually processes 150,000 tonnes of concrete rubble from construction sites into high-quality aggregates suitable for making fresh concrete. That's thousands of tonnes diverted annually from landfill sites, and made into usable products that we sell under the Green-Stone™ brand.

Arch Lock system

Leaders in green technology

Lock Block Ltd. uses a state-of-the art crushing, screening, and washing process that maximizes the potential of waste concrete rubble gathered from construction sites. Recycling "waste" into high-quality product, our on-site state-of-the-art TRIO CT crushing, screening and washing operation breaks down concrete rubble and:

  • Washes it three times to eliminate contaminates.
  • Removes metals and other building materials (these can be recycled and used in other environmentally friendly products).
  • Saves prep time and is emission-friendly.
  • Generates minimal surplus material.
  • Lowers carbon emissions by reducing or eliminating trucking.

The resulting aggregates:

  • Meet all ASTM test standards for concrete aggregate and MMCD tests for road base and granular fill.
  • Qualify projects for LEED® credits.
  • Can be made into ready mix with a recycled content of 10% to 100% that has greater stability than virgin concrete and a higher load factor.

Winner of the prestigious 2012 ASTTBC TechGREEN Award for our work in recycling, Lock-Block Ltd. minimizes our environmental impact. Currently, the only material that leaves our site is a small amount of wood and debris filtered out of our closed loop aggregate washing operation and we aim to make the leftover material from this process into a usable product. Our mortar dust residuals are perfect for growing grass.