Nothing gives drivers more comfort than knowing the road they're using is safe. Lock-Block™ Ltd. produces a complete line of BC Ministry of Transport and Highways (MOTH) highway barrier and accessory shapes. These 690mm high roadside barrier and 810mm high median barriers are 2.5m long and are interlocked together end to end with projecting hooks and recessed eyes. Also available are utility grade versions of these products for less stringent applications.

The MOTH compatible 1.5m and 0.75m long Lock-Block™ units combine a 690mm barrier shape with a bottom female key. Hooking them together end to end ties the top course of a Lock-Block™ wall together longitudinally to help prevent tipping from impact or seismic forces. Couple this with our exclusive 90-degree corner L shape and T shaped junctions and you get increased impact and overturning resistance. Nesting the barrier directly on top of the wall this way saves space and eliminates the need and hassle of installing parapet railings.

In addition to specially designed traffic control products, Lock-Block™ flat-top blocks and planters, and Lock-Block™ retaining walls are often applied to roadside settings for safety and aesthetics.

Our sturdy crash barriers are perfect solutions for loading zones, parking lots and other settings where you need a solid protective wall.