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Over the years we have added many shapes and finishes to our UNITED LOCK-BLOCK LTD.™ system.

We produce two sizes of engineered blocks.  LOCK-BLOCK® brand, which is full size 4400 Lbs. and the LOCK-BLOCK® Mini brand, which is an exact 1/2 scale model weighing 500 Lbs.

Standard Blocks are keyed on the top and bottom, Flat-Tops on the bottom only, Bench blocks have a false front that make walls look thinner after backfilling, Wedge blocks allow walls to turn or curve.

IMPORTANT - walls should be built in a stagger bond configuration to provide maximum overall stability.

UNITED LOCK-BLOCK LTD.™ Beams are designed for flexural loading and made by adding a suitable engineered-for-purpose reinforcing steel cage to three, four and five cross blocks.

UNITED LOCK-BLOCK LTD.™ Barriers are specialized road dividers with a female key on the bottom, to fit LOCK-BLOCK® products and have hook and eye closures on the ends to meet Ministry of Transport and Highways (MOTH) requirements.  Look under the Highway Barrier tab for pictures.

Finishes - We produce five standard finishes as shown (below). You may be surprised at how inexpensive a custom finish can be! Anything you can do with concrete you can do with a UNITED LOCK-BLOCK LTD.™ unit.

You will be surprised at our low custom fabrication costs and rapid turnaround times.

Keyed Blocks    
standard standard half-height half half half height
Full Full Half-Height Half Block Half-Height Half Block
three cross four cross five cross gutter
Three Cross Four Cross Five Cross
Gutter Block
The 3, 4 and 5 cross, can be reinforced with rebar and used as a beam

Flat Tops

flat flat half height half flat half flat half height
Flat Top Half-Height Flat Top Half Flat Top Half-Height 1/2 Flat Top

transition flat transition 2 to 1 transition half transition
Keyed Transition Flat Top Transition 2 to 1 Transition Half Transition
bench left bench right bench left corner bench right corner bench
Full Bench Right Inside Corner Bench Left Inside Corner Bench Left Corner Bench Right Corner Bench

left bench transition right bench transition
Left Bench Transition Right Bench Transition


full planter half planter full stairs half stairs

Full Planter Half Planter Full Stairs Half Stairs
wedge flat wedge bench wedge  
Wedge Flat Top Wedge Bench Wedge
General specifications :
Full size standard United Lock-Block™ Ltd. unit
29.5 x 29.5 x 59"
1900 kg / 4190 lbs
1.125 sq meter / 12.8 sq feet
Mating key clearance & play
12mm / 0.5 inch (longitudinal & transverse)
Minimum radius of curvature for vertical curves
  23 meters / 75 feet
Lifting Loop
35,000 Lbs / 15900 Kg verified by mill certificates
7-strand galvanized PC cable formed for purpose and designed by a Professional Engineer
For handling, shipping, and hoisting UNITED LOCK-BLOCK ™Ltd. units into final position.
Our standard loop is not intended for hoisting blocks overhead or use as a test weight or as a permanent embedded structural anchor. Please inspect for overall condition prior to hoisting a weathered or used unit.
Quality Control
  Verified and under the direct supervison of a licensed Professional Engineer
Concrete Strength
Produced to suit. Verified by standard test cylinders with results conforming to CSA A23. Field confirmation (if required) by non-destructive testing. Units are tagged to correlate with representative test results.
Typically 20Mpa or 3000Psi verified (if required) by non-destructive testing.
Concrete air content
Produced to suit. Measured by plastic concrete testing by the volumetric or pressure method.
As produced
Concrete CSA exposure class
Produced to suit.
Class N
Typical wall assembly time
  Bottom level course – 25 blocks per hour
  Subsequent courses – 60 blocks per hour

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