About Lock-Block Ltd.

Lock-Block Ltd.’s strength has always been delivering a quality product customized to a large variety of projects. With the largest selection of block shapes, we are well equipped to provide a custom retaining wall solution.

Shown here is a custom built radiation containment bin that was designed at the model scale in our office, allowing the customer to tweak the design before installation, saving money.

Ongoing research.

Located on Mitchell Island in Vancouver, Lock-Block Ltd. invented the Lock-Block™ system and has developed and pushed the envelope since inception. Our development department continues to move boundaries in many areas. We are constantly improving our concrete recycling technology and creating new structures using both the Arch-Lock™ and Dome-Lock™ systems.

Lock-Block Ltd. has a dedicated research department with a 3d printer that is used to make any new product a customer desires. We have 1:25 scale models of every product in stock for use. Engineers and contractors are able to visit our office to make a physical mock-up in order to get a hands-on feel of what will work for their projects at the early design phase, saving time and money.

Picture of model table

Picture of 3d printer being used