Gravel pit arch

The Arch-Lock™ system is designed to be installed in many situations such as tunnels, overpasses, temporary bridges, and shelters.
The ease of install is the number one benefit of the Arch-Lock™ system, allowing for projects to be completed in days instead of months.  The modular nature of the system means that an arch can be built with common machinery and will not require temporary formwork or curing time.

From design to implementation

With infrastructure aging in North America, billions will need to be spent replacing current bridges, tunnels, and countless other public works.  With a premium on construction crews, project completion time will become a crucial factor.  The Arch-Lock™ system is a perfect fit for society’s modern needs.

The Arch-Lock™ system has been developed by Professional Engineers and tested at the University of British Columbia’s earthquake testing labs, where it proved itself against the strongest earthquakes on record.  Numerous computer analyzed models have been created to maximize stability of the system.