Lock-block headwalls

Headwalls made with Lock-block™ units are a simple way to install pipes through a retaining wall.  The walls themselves are available in both full scale Lock-block™ size and landscaping size (1/2 scale in all dimensions).  We offer three void sizes designed to accommodate a variety of pipe sizes to best fit your project.  There are many ways to make a culvert; we produce Lock-Block™ units with 3 different pipe diameter voids in both full scale and landscape sized blocks.  Or, standard units can be placed around a custom pipe or culvert of any shape.


Our headwalls were designed to be quickly and easily installed from the ground up.  The bottom block in the wall can be placed at grade and the next block will create a batter of 12 degrees, removing the need for complicated grading for a headwall project.  The bottom row can also use the Rod-Lock™ system to anchor into the ground for added stability.