Lock-Block units

Created in 1984, Lock-Block™ concrete units were the first of Lock-Block Ltd’s products to feature their signature proprietary interlocking key design, establishing the company as a leader in pre-cast concrete block retaining wall systems.



  • Available in many shapes and configurations
  • Precision tolerances for engineering projects
  • Can be produced with 100% recycled aggregates
  • Proven track record spanning over 35 years
  • Continuing to further push pre-cast technology


  • Easy and inexpensive to install.
  • Lock-Block™ units qualify for LEED credits
  • 8:1 safety factor in lifting hooks.
  • Impedes soil erosion along seawalls and dykes.
  • Testing results available for guaranteed block strength
  • Can be colour tinted and custom imprinted.

Lock-Block™ concrete units are ideal for:

  • Controlling grade changes along highways, railroads, and retaining walls.
  • Impeding soil erosion along dykes and seawalls.
  • Transitioning between walkways and water.
  • Creating an effective sound barrier.

We also offer mini-blocks for residential landscaping and planters for a beautiful finish to walls, parking lots, and backyards.
Lock-Block™ concrete units are available in more than 30 different shapes and sizes as well as Texturlock™ and other finishes.