Engineering resources

Lock-Block Ltd. has developed many resources for the Engineered design of Lock-Block™ retaining wall units and their use. We can provide design manuals to Professional Engineers for gravity walls, MSE walls, and Rod-Lock™ walls.

To request a copy of the manual issued to an Engineer, please use this link.

Greenstone™ aggregates

With Greenstone™ aggregates by Lock-Block Ltd, you can use a top-quality recycled product for your next project.  Every aggregate produced from our crushing plant on Mitchell Island qualifies for LEED credits.  Full data on our aggregates is available including distribution curves and our ASTM testing results.

Contractor resources.

We also have many resources for contractors who are installing a Lock-Block™ wall that provides instructions on grading, backfilling, and other site prep. For whose who are new to the system either in full or landscaping size, we can give instructions on how to get the most out of the Lock-Block™ system.